How to Use

  1. Install the extension: Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the extension.
  2. Refresh the websites: where you want to use extension on.
  3. Configure your extension: Open the extension's options page by right clicking on the extension icon and selecting options. Here you can set your preferred hotkey combination and translation index. You can also decide if you want to enable instant translation of selected text.
  4. Using in text fields: To use the extension in any text field, simply type your translation index followed by the language code and your text, then press your selected hotkey combination to translate it to the desired language. The translation will replace your original text. Example: '/en Hallo wie geht es dir?' Shift + Enter turns into 'Hello, how are you?'.
  5. Translate selected text: If you have activated the "Instantly Translate Selected Text" option, you can simply select text, and it will be translated into the target language you've set. The translated text will appear in a small popup above your selection. You can copy the translated text simply by clicking on the copy icon.